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Wool care

How to care for your woven blankets and cushions.

One of the many wonderful things about wool is that unless it’s dirty, you can air it for an hour or two and any smell will disappear. Just hang it out in the fresh air to freshen it up.

If your woollens are dirty we recommended that you hand wash; please do not machine wash.

To hand wash, use hand hot water and a delicate detergent suitable for wool - we use ‘Ecover’ to wash ours. Very gently move the item in the water - do not rub or agitate it as this will cause it to felt and shrink. Once it is rinsed, very gently squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring. Place flat on a towel, away from direct heat. Please do not tumble-dry as this will cause the wool to felt and shrink. Once dry, press with an iron on a medium heat. The linen on the cushion covers will need a hot iron unless you prefer a creased look.